martes, 16 de mayo de 2017


Today is one of those days I fell homesick. I miss my parents house, I miss the noisy streets of my city, I even miss that funny little dog door my dad had built for my chihuahua.

There is a family in front of me enjoying a conversation and the com pany of a little pinscher the size of my Chii... And it's hard to hold the tears coming out.

I miss home, I miss my family and my old friends... But my old friends have mostly moved away, and my patents are about to move into a new house, so being truthfull I miss a reality that isn't there anymore...

In days like this I remember why I keep myself so busy all the time, why I fill my quiet moments with stories coming from netflix or books: not to have time on what I miss.

In days like these I can't help but feeling empty, even if most of my wishes and dreams have come true...