viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

White Christmas!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white 

Yes... It is indeed the same song I used last Christmas time in this same blog.. and who cares? It will always be one of my favorite Christmas songs ever!

Listening to this song is what really makes me feel all the Christmas joy! I'll never forget those nights at home when I was a little kid... All the Christmas traditions... where to start?

Karaoke! yes Karaoke! Many of you know how much I love karaoke, so who is to blame? My parents! More specifically my dad, it was he who bought a Karaoke machine in one of his trips to Japan, and since then we became addicted... And guess which song I loved singing? No matter which month we were at: White Christmas... and my sister used to sing Over the rainbow...and as a duet??? My favourite things...  you see a pattern here??? Some of my favorite songs right??? YES!!! I blame on the karaoke for my taste in music... and as you can guess it is  mainly oldies and show tunes...

But that is not what I wanted to talk about .. I'm loosing track... I t is about the Christmas traditions at home... I really do not recall all of my Christmases... but what I do recall is my father trying to be my musical director, telling me when to rise up my voice or change the tone I was singing at... Oh yes he did... and what did I do back? put my tiny hand up in the manner of saying: STOP that! I know what I am doing! Yes yes, always a Diva!  hahaha

and the presents? owww the presents! what a fun story...

So you see, my family has in its possession a magic bell... yes it is magic!!! why?... Because it is one of a kind! A bell that Santa Claus can hear wherever he is at! So how does that work? Well at midnight or so we used to go out to the garden, my mommy, my daddy, my sister and brother... So my sis and I used to take turns to ring the bell... and next?...

Out of nowhere we could see Rudolf's nose up in the sky! and then? a big "Stomp" sound could be heard... that meant Santa had threw out gifts all the way from the sky! It was so exiting!... Although I don´t really what was more exiting, that... or when we spent Christmas outside home and when we came home the presents where under the tree... I guess the "Santa calling" was way more magical!

I do hope to pass that tradition to my kids!

Nowadays as we became adults our traditions changed a bit... for instance now my brother and sister spend Christmas with the family of their spouses as in my family we celebrate New years way more...

But before that we used to put all of us presents under the tree without name tags... so my sister and I used to take turns to go fetch a present, and to bring it back to the living room... and then?... well the one that had bought that present should say to whom it was...

The last years there where presents even to my Chihuahua! and not only from me but from the whole family... yes.. because the fun of it is to have lots of presents... Sometimes my sister and I used to fill the bags with trash or things like that just to annoy my grandma when she was visiting... (OMG I just cracked a loud laugh while remembering that.... such good times)

 So in my family (both mother and father side) New years eve has always been the biggest celebration, and how much I loved it! Not because of presents no... that was Christmas, always have and always will!.. but because it was when I got to see my cousins, my grandma, uncle, aunts!  but suddenly that stopped... but guess what?... My cousins are going home for Christmas! and I couldn't be more exited... well I could, if my Sister and brother where there as well but ill see them on New year's!...

So... any fun Christmas traditions you could share???

jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

I did it MY WAY

And now, the end is here 
And so I face the final curtain 
My friend, I'll say it clear 
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain 
I've lived a life that's full 
I traveled each and ev'ry highway 
And more, much more than this, I did it my way 

No better way to describe this... So the end in near.. Or so they say... I do not believe so, but if it is I can say I lived my life my way. I really did. There is nothing I regret doing. Yes, I´ve done mistakes: but who hasn´t?

Is I have said far too many times, those mistakes make you learn, those falls make you rise up. These past weeks I've been hitting rock bottom, over and over again so the only way to go no it up. As someone told me some days ago, life is like a rollercoaster ride: there must be downs so that inertia can be beaten down and that the wagon  has enough energy to go up again...It sure is hard to be in the downhill, but the uphill makes it worthwhile... It is only that a little while and many times it depends on us how steep they both are.

If our world was really coming to an end this 21st of December, I´d continue living as I have: fullest. Trying not to came what people think of me... but still caring if they love me or if they don´t. Yes is does sound contradictory, but I still think it is not... People that know me, and I mean really know me, they are familiar with how much I love expressing my feelings. Sometimes I try not to, but I still do. When I care and love about someone I like telling it out loud, and so it hurts when many of them just don´t say it back. I know not all of us are comfortable with expressing ourselves in an open word way but I'm sure that I don´t speak for myself when I say that sometimes people do need to HEAR it, rather than assume that who they care about cares about them back.

The internet and media is flooded with: what would you do if you had one more day to live?... Many answer that all they would want it to tell all their loved ones that they love them. Well, if i was about to die next minute or so, i would not have the regret of not letting everyone I care know that I love them, or that I at least have showed them.

Life is too short, and I do believe that we came to this world to enjoy life, so that is just what I am trying to so. Yes, sometimes I have no idea what I want in life (I'm in that point right now actually)... but I'm happy to say that it is not because I don´t have where to choose from, but because I have too many options... Happiness is in ourselves, and sometimes we tend to blame on others because of the lack of it, but we shouldn't, there is no one else to blame but us: if we stop trying!